10 Awesome Remote Jobs in the UK that pay well

10 Awesome Remote Jobs in the UK that pay well

Due to the increase in UK companies taking on remote workers over the past few years, a range of home working careers are now available for people with different levels of experience. There are many benefits that come with remote working, both for an employer and the employee. 

For a start, having a remote job will save you some stress, time and money on commuting to the office everyday. You also have the advantage of being able to create your own working schedule in the comfort of your own home or office wherever that might be. Remote workers usually find that they are much more productive working from home compared to working in a busy office with all of its distractions. In this article we breakdown some of the best paying work from home jobs in the UK.

1. Tutor

UK national average salary £37,185 per year

Remote tutors are in demand right now, especially during the pandemic. Remote working tutors can teach students of any age in any subject. More specialist tutors can expect higher rates of pay depending on the subject. Tutors will use video conference software and other online applications to teach groups of students or individuals. The advantage of being a remote tutor is that you can set your own class schedule and work more flexible hours.

2. Accountant

UK national average salary £34,934 per year

Accountants prepare tax returns, financial accounts and documents for people and businesses. Accountants can also provide tax law advice, financial advice, bookkeeping services and ensure that a company is financially sustainable based on its turnover, profit and operating expenses. Accountants can work remotely from a computer and interact with clients via accounting software online.

3. Graphic Designer

UK national average salary £24,493 per year

Graphic designers create visual media or designs using applications such as Photoshop or traditional methods such as paintings or sketches. Most graphic designers will work on a computer and can work remotely from home. Work can include things like branding and logo design, package design, banner and advertisement design, flyer and brochure design and so on. Graphic design is a creative role where no job is the same and demand for good designers with portfolios of work is high.

4. Digital marketer

UK national average salary £26,307 per year

Digital marketers use a number of different channels to promote and attract customers to a business. They tend to work with social media and create web content such as articles to gain more customers or visits online.

A digital marketer will often work with a client's complete online presence, from a company website to business listings and any other online content that might bring in more business. They are usually a jack of all trades and experienced with web developments, SEO and analysing search engine data. Being a remote working digital marketer is a very lucrative career due to the potential business and profit a digital marketer can bring to a company.

5. Technical support engineer

UK national average salary £29,893 per year

Remote working technical support engineers are in high demand globally. A technical support engineer is on hand to help solve technical issues and keep things running smoothly. Usually the role is based around business networks and websites, operating systems, company software and server management. Sometimes a technical support engineer may be required to look at hardware on-site, but most can work remotely and carry out their tasks via a computer.

6. Project manager

UK national average salary £42,708 per year

Project managers manage the tasks and processes needed to complete a project. Remote working project managers will use scheduling software or specific project management software to micromanage employees and assess the project's process. They are responsible for making sure the project is completed on time. Due to the importance of the role, project managers can earn a high salary and have the flexibility to work remotely from home.

7. Application developer

UK national average salary £38,106 per year

Application developers design and build applications for mobile devices and web browsers. Most app developers can work remotely as part of a team and will be tasked with building different sections of the application. Often an app developer will be able to code in a number of different languages and frameworks but sometimes they will specialise in one or two. Some app development companies offer perks such as stock options in emerging technology businesses or start-ups.

8. Software engineer

UK national average salary £43,002 per year

Software engineers design and build software for a wide range of reasons such as desktop applications and SAAS (software as a service). Software engineers are often paid very well and you’ll notice most are required to work remotely. A software engineer will often work as part of a team and be involved in the whole process of development including testing. It can be a very specialist field and good software engineers are in high demand for a number of start-ups or established businesses globally.

9. Web developer

UK national average salary £33,500 per year

Remote working web developers build websites and mobile web applications for a wide range of sectors. A web developer will often work freelance or be employed by a digital agency to work on projects. Web developers can be broken down into three groups, front-end developer, back-end developer, full-stack developer. A frontend developer will be responsible for the client side web pages that are publicly viewable online. A back-end developer works on the server side and delevelops the core functionality of the website. A full-stack developer tends to work on everything.

10. Freelance writer

UK national average salary £28,331 per year

Freelance writers create content for a range of sectors and industries. Good freelance writers are in high demand and often hired to write content for websites, articles, blogs, digital marketing and other media. Most writers will work from home and can earn a good salary if their content is of a high standard. 

Some writers may be specialised in certain industries, while some will have a more creative role and be required to research a topic thoroughly before writing any content. If you have great written communication skills then freelance writing can be a great way to earn a living while working remotely.

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